Coffee in Honduras

In March 2019 I went to Honduras for a two week travel all over the country down to Nicaragua. I travelled with a coffee plantation owner and the purpose was to photograph her plantations and coffee workers.

The workers need to be very fit since the coffee bags they lift regularly weigh around 60 kilos each

A woman working outside drying coffee beans.

The workers will often move to the farms during the harvest season

A portrait of an indigenous woman in the mountains of Honduras

Over 90% of coffee farms are small farms but many join efforts and sell their coffee through joint organizations

Two women stand on top of a huge pile of coffee bean bags at the warehouse of COMSA; a green coffee importing cooperative

Workers are picked up in the towns and brought to the mountains for work

A worker drying coffee beans at COMSA

In Marcala in Honduras

Workers on their break watching telenovela

The sisters Claudia and Sabrina are proud owners of a small coffee farm at the border of Honduras and Nicaragua

A coffee farmer gives me his own coffee to taste

A close up photo of hands holding freshly picked coffee beans

Samuel is a young successful coffee farmer in Nicaragua, one of the very few ones who went to study agriculture at the university

Coffee tasting of the latest harvest