Instances in Beijing

I spent 4 months in Beijing learning Chinese in 2019. It was by far the most difficult thing I have done trying to learn such a difficult language at 40, so I decided to rest my camera while focusing on symbols and pinyin.

This is of course impossible for me to do, but I did take much less pictures than I usually do and just enjoyed the experience instead. What struck me the most about Beijing was the contrast in everything. The colors, the climate, the sun, the smog, how clean it was, how dirty it was, old, new. It seems like a distant dream when I think about it.

Kínverskar konur sitja fyrir á mynd í almenningsgarði í Beijing
Beijing höfuðborg Kína
Kínverskur sölumaður í Hutong í Beijing
Gata í Beijing í Kína
Gata í Beijing í Kína