Kreppa (which means crisis in Icelandic) was a reportage I took in Iceland between 2008 and 2009. The financial crisis hit Iceland very hard in 2008 and three main banks collapsed and went bankrupt. There had been much speculation and construction going on up until that point and of course everything came to a complete halt. I documented the half finished houses, empty construction sites and demonstrations. The photos were a part of the film/documentary Tralalá by the Italian video artists Masbedo produced by Rossofuoco and presented at the Filme Festival in Venice, Italy 2012.

A ``for sale`` sign with a picture of what the house will look like when finished. In 2009 it was common to see these half finished, abandoned houses in and around Reykjavik.

Unfinished buildings by the harbor of Hafnarfjörður

Inside an one of many unfinished building

Abandoned construction site in Hafnarfjörður

Inside an unfinished building, through the window you can see the unfinished neighborhood in Hafnarfjörður

At a construction site in Hafnarfjörður

At the time of the collapse only the streets and the lamps had been made for a neighborhood that was supposed to be built, but came to an abrupt halt

Demonstrators stand in front of the Icelandic parliament. The demands of the protesters were clear, the Central Bank and the government were to step down as they were devoid of all public confidence.

Hörður Torfason was a leader of the group ``Voices of the people`` who believed that the public had grown tired of all the ``political bullshit``

A demonstrator holds a sign saying ``Out with the trash``

Demonstrator confronts the police outside a building where ministers of the Icelandic government are giving a live interview

Demonstrators attack the building and manage to shut down the broadcast by destroying the cables of the video cameras

The cables of the video cameras were set on fire by the demonstrators

During the demonstration

The police used teargas on the demonstrators

A demonstrator gets help from the medics after being hit with teargas

The police take control of the situation